By Jack Rome

What do social justice movements need from philanthropy especially in these times when equity, justice and inclusion are being challenged in our communities and our country?

More than 300 foundation and nonprofit leaders grappled with this question during a series of events around NCRP’s new strategic framework. And we think it’s important to hear from our nonprofit members, supporters, readers and our online community.

NCRP’s strategic framework, which will guide our work for the next 10 years, has an ambitious goal:

“Over the next 10 years we want to ensure that social movements — especially those led by the people most affected by disparities and inequality — have the philanthropic resources they need to win significant victories that make our society fairer and more just and democratic.”

So we’re initiating #MovementMoney, a series of videos and conversations to help us answer two critical questions that will inform NCRP’s work in pursuit of bold outcomes:

How can philanthropy best support movements?

And what can NCRP do to help them do this well?

In the first installment of the #MovementMoney Series (video below), Jeanné Isler, NCRP’s vice president and chief engagement officer, asks “What do you think?”

Share your thoughts in the comments below! You also can tweet @NCRP or post on Facebook (be sure to use the hashtag #MovementMoney) or email us at community[at]

Please encourage others to do the same. We believe that it’s important for foundations, donors and NCRP to hear from the communities we serve.

We will compile answers we’ve received and share those with you in the next installment of the series to continue the conversation around these questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jack Rome is a communications intern at NCRP. Follow @NCRP on Twitter.

Image by Karla Cote. Used under Creative Commons license.




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